Friday, November 28, 2014

Angel's Tale

As a child, my favorite toys were my paper dolls and my Colorforms kits.
I enjoyed creating clothes and scenery for my dolls, and re-arranging them.
I decided to create a life-sized paper doll- with detachable wings and arms.
I wanted the "hole" in the belly to stay "open", so I could place whatever I wanted to on any given day inside, depending on my mood. Currently, a paper rose resides inside.
This piece was created for a show of drawings created by women in Poughkeepsie NY.



Sunday, June 15, 2014


Acrylic on Foamcore

Midnight Moon

Mixed Media sculpture
40 inches tall

This piece was originally called " Deep Red " or " RedRum".
I felt like neither name really fit her.
I expressed this to her new owners and told them that they should listen and feel in their hearts what her "real" name is- since I believed that she would tell it to them eventually.
I was recently told that she indeed revealed her real name- to two young girls, aged 4 and 6. They declared that her name was Midnight Moon. 
Later on, the owner received two glasses in his mailbox, with the stamp " Midnight Moon" on them.
A wonderful coincidence.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Butterfly's Sleep




Painted on the back of my jacket.


In Hyde's autobiography, he describes how when his kitty dies,
he missed it so much that whenever he saw a cat,
he would pick it up and smell it.
After awhile, he became allergic to cats.
He believed this was due to the fact that he had
 smelled so many cats, that he over-saturated himself with "catness" (?)

Helping Daisy find her Wings

When my pet rat passed away,
I drew this while thinking of her
as she found her wings....





Cupcakes and Chartreuse

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I love mythology, and Medusa is one of my favorite Goddesses.
While on a recent trip to China, I was missing my pet snake.
I had a dream of Hyde with snake hair, and thought about his past Halloween parties,
(which I would *love* to attend someday!)
This drawing was so much fun to do, knowing Hyde's fondness for snakes also.....

Undertaker Hyde

My friend and I cosplayed as characters from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) anime this past weekend!
I couldn't help but draw Hyde as one of my favorite characters, Undertaker!

Daydreaming with Neko Ears

After attending an anime convention, I had the urge to draw while daydreaming on the train home.
I couldn't resist drawing the kitty ears!