Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dream Hunter

Perceive through the Soul

I have been working on this sculpture for about a year.
I was originally calling her Dyana the Huntress, because the first thing I did was attach a deer skull to the back of her head. As she transformed, she was no longer the deer hunter, but more of a "dream hunter", as she was telling me what she wanted to be in my dreams.She encorporates my love of symbolism, old things, and a touch of creepiness. She is a regal goddess, covered in eggshells and old lace, the purity of the white garments cracked and aged. She is wise and stands powerful and fearless. In her belly is a fox skull- a symbol of wisom, cunning and long life. She holds a key - a reminder that we all have the power to unlock ourselves. Standing within a circle of barbed wire, she has the power to break free, yet able to keep out unwanted forces.

"A Dream is still a Dream"